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Advisory Program

CTRA’s Advisory Program

The primary role of Advisory at CTRA is to delve deeply into our values of awareness, diversity, and action while strengthening relationships. Advisory is a process, not a product. Activities should support the academic, career, and social/emotional growth of young adults. Advisors and advisees have autonomy to create unique programming while completing benchmark experiences (see grade level guiding questions/benchmarks listed below) and building relationships. The following questions and magnet standard benchmarks will guide the personal growth of scholars and development of a meaningful Student Success Plan (see CT State Department of Education for more information).

Grade 9: Who am I?

Teambuilding and Classbuilding (Semester 1 and 2)
Career & College Readiness Rubric (Midyear)
Advisory Identity Presentation (Semester 2)

Grade 10: How do I seek diverse ideas and relationships?

Get to Know Your Community Project (Semester 1)
Career & College Readiness Rubric (Midyear)
Job Shadow (Semester 1 or 2)

Grade 11: How do we contribute?

Community Contribution Project (Semester 1)
Career & College Readiness Rubric (Midyear)
Capstone Letter of Intent (Semester 2)

Grade 12: What will be my legacy?

Day of Sharing (Semester 1)
Capstone Portfolio & Presentation (Semester 2)