Parent and Student Testimonials

See why our parents are calling CTRA one of the best magnet high schools in CT.

connecticut magnet school reviews

"The school is totally different from other magnet schools because it’s a part of Goodwin University. My daughter can take 30 tuition-free, transferrable college credits at Goodwin while still in high school. You just don’t get that at other high schools."

Ian, CTRA Parent

Nancy, CTRA parent and son

"The atmosphere is very warm and accepting and the building is gorgeous. It’s a great place for kids to advance, especially in the sciences. My son loves coming to school."

Nancy, CTRA Parent

Toniko, CTRA parent and daughter

"CTRA has an inclusive, creative environment, and they understand this generation."

Toniko, CTRA Parent

Kristine, CTRA parent and son

"At our hometown school, our son was getting lost in the crowd. At CTRA, the teachers provided our son with individualized attention and encouragement. They really got to know him."

Kristine, CTRA Parent

Gina, CTRA parent and son

"Without hesitation, I would recommend CTRA’s expansive and supportive school community. From their new manufacturing partnership to college readiness to environmental science, CTRA offers a wealth of opportunities not available at a local hometown high school."

Gina, CTRA Parent

"I am so grateful that my son attends CTRA. Teachers and administrators are equally invested in my son being his best self as a learner and a young man."

Katie, CTRA Parent

Serena, CTRA student

“I loved the early college readiness program. I was able to take over 30 college credits while at CTRA.”

Serena, CTRA graduate

Caesar, CTRA student

"I attended other magnet schools before, but CTRA was different. I truly felt at home here."

CaEsar, CTRA Graduate

“CTRA really exposed me to the world. I’m from a really small town and it opened my eyes about different cultures. I met my two best friends on the first day, and we just connected right then and there.” 

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