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Are you asking yourself, is CTRA the right choice for my child?

We sure think so! But don't just take our word for it.

Read our Connecticut River Academy Reviews below to discover the real difference our magnet high school makes in the lives of our graduates. Learn about their lives before CTRA, what made their experience here memorable, and see just how they turned their passionate dreams into their professional destiny.

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Serena's Story

How former CTRA scholar and first-generation soon-to-be Goodwin graduate found hope for her future in high school

Morgan's Story

How Morgan’s experience at CTRA, RMS, and Goodwin demonstrated the importance of togetherness and taught her to give back 

Bibi's Story

CTRA Scholar Bibi Rises from Hardship and Pursues Her Professional Passions

Taylor's Story

How CTRA Scholar Taylor Marchand Took Control of Her Career Destiny 

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