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Earn college credit while in high school

At Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) your child will get a jump-start on a college career. In addition to a full range of high school courses, students have the opportunity to take college level courses at Goodwin University and earn more than 30 transferable college credits while still in high school. That’s up to one year of college credit tuition free!

Beginning in grade 9, CTRA students have the ability to take credit-bearing courses at Goodwin University. Students can earn college credit in a wide range of academic areas, including courses in liberal arts, criminal justice, human services, business administration, and advanced manufacturing.

There are many benefits of choosing a dual enrollment high school. At Connecticut River Academy we believe the best way to prepare our students for college is by immersing them in a college environment allowing them to fully understand the structure and demands of college-level courses prior to becoming a college student. Students are able to interact with Goodwin University faculty and peers.  More demanding coursework along with a college atmosphere allows students to explore focused pathways within their interest areas and future college careers.

Still wondering how to prepare for college in high school? Interested in a college prep high school education? Contact us today and learn all the benefits that an early college high school could provide your child. It’s never too early to start preparing for this next big step.

75% of CTRA graduates leave with college credit.

(June, 2021 graduating class)


3 Essential Components of CTRA's Early College Model

“I loved the early college readiness program. I was able to take over 30 college credits while at CTRA.”

Serena Seepersaud, CTRA graduate

“My daughter can take college credits at Goodwin University while still in high school. You just don’t get that at other high schools.”
Ian Laurencin, CTRA parent

“CTRA allowed me to pursue my college degree early. I took college classes at Goodwin in my junior year of high school.”
Larry Funnie, CTRA graduate

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