Transportation and Weather Delays

School cancellation

Snow Days: Due to hazardous road conditions, school may be cancelled.  Please check the following locations for cancellation information:

  • CTRA social media pages
  • School Messenger
  • The website

Your student’s transportation will be dependent upon the town that you reside in. (Example: if your home town cancels but CTRA is open, there will be no transportation provided for your child.) CTRA follows a 2 hour delay. School will start at 9:30 a.m.

Goodwin University Magnet School Office will determine when CTRA is closed, delayed, or remote due to inclement weather. 

When all magnet schools and districts are closed RSCO Transportation will not transport students, i.e., all bus routes are canceled.  When only Hartford Public Schools (HPS) are closed, and the remaining magnet schools and/or districts are open, RSCO Transportation will not transport students, i.e., all bus routes are canceled. When HPS is open, and some magnet schools and/or districts are closed, RSCO Transportation will only transport students to and from those magnet school and/or districts that are open. 

Delayed openings 

 RSCO Transportation will delay bus routes using the magnet school or district with latest delay on the bus route.  

Early dismissals 

RSCO Transportation transports bus routes using the following early dismissal times: Tier 1 bus routes at 11:00 a.m. (CTRA). Please note: if a bus has more than one town on its route, and at least one of the towns has an early dismissal, then all the students on that bus route will be released early.

Parents of East Hartford students

For parents of East Hartford students attending Goodwin University Magnet Schools, in order for your child to be included on an EHPS bus route to school, you must register your child with EHPS or update your child’s current record at Central Registration, 734 Tolland Street, East Hartford, to reflect attendance at Goodwin University Magnet Schools. You must present documentation of your child’s placement at Goodwin University Magnet Schools. For all changes, please call the Transportation Coordinator, Terry Spiller at 860-622-5974.

For students who live in towns other than East Hartford

If your child lives in a town other than East Hartford, please call CREC transportation at 860.524.4077.

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For detailed information regarding RSCO Interdistrict Magnet Transportation - Delayed Openings, Early Dismissals, and School Closings please download now.

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