Middle Level Program

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A Bridge to Your Child’s Best Self

The Middle Level Program (grades six through eight) bridges the academic and social-emotional success for scholars as they progress from Riverside Magnet School (pre-kindergarten to grade five) to CTRA (grades nine to 12).

Making Memories Through Mentorship

The Middle Level Program proudly encourages supportive associations among Riverside Magnet School, the Connecticut River Academy Middle Level Program, and Connecticut River Academy’s (CTRA) high school scholars. 

To promote diversity, kindness, and collaboration, pupils of the Middle Level Program act as role models to the elementary grades. CTRA high school scholars also serve as mentors to the middle grades, creating countless cross-cultural, career-oriented connections. 

A Preparative Pathway that Respects Scholar “Voice and Choice”

In the Middle Level Program, we recognize that your child has his or her own opinions, personality, preferences, and voice— and we want that individualism heard by way of innovation. 

Through our technology and creative design themes, we celebrate your child’s unique way of looking at the world. In an age that gives rise to robotics and automation, advanced scholars of the Middle Level Program take technology classes every day of the school year. 

An education in expression, our innovative technology courses feature engaging topics ranging from computer science to 3-D printing (with access to Goodwin University’s state-of-the art manufacturing annex), and digital art courses are designed with your child’s imagination in mind. 

Small Teacher-to-Student Ratios with Big Results 

The Middle Level Program purposefully implements small class sizes with staff that builds trusting foundations to foster lifelong learning.

Our innovative Middle Level Program instructors are dedicated to helping students recognize their potential, strive for success through opportunities and outcomes, and ultimately become their best selves.

At the CTRA Middle Level Program, educators invest in your child’s passions and make it their mission to turn your child’s interests into productive plans that will guide their personal and professional purpose.  

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