An Early College Magnet High School 

Meet the Principal

Welcome to Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin University, an early college high school with a focus on advanced manufacturing and environmental science.

Awareness. Diversity. Action. Three words that form the foundation of our core  values and beliefs, and shape how we realize our mission of breaking down racial, ethnic, economic, gender, and social and academic barriers.

We believe that when scholars demonstrate self and global awareness, a respect for the importance of diversity, and understand the impact of individual and social actions, they will contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

Our goal is to graduate scholars who will think critically and communicate clearly about scientific, technical, interpersonal, societal, and global issues from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

CTRA’s state-of-the-art facility is located at the Goodwin University campus on the banks of the Connecticut River. Our research vessel allows scholars to explore the river in late spring and early fall. And our trollies transport scholars across campus to classes in our advanced manufacturing annex, and to college courses at the University.

There is so much to explore at CTRA. If you would like to know more, or if you have a concern, please feel free to contact me or any of the CTRA educators.

Be Well,
JT Foster

Photo of JT smiling with tie on