An Early College Magnet High School 

Magnet Administration

Mission Statement

The Goodwin University Magnet School System breaks down barriers while celebrating the many talents within our community.  Partnering with families, educators, and the community, we challenge our scholars to take ownership of their learning through authentic, innovative pathways.

Vision Statement

All members of the Goodwin University Magnet School System are empowered to advocate for a just and sustainable world while developing competencies for future success within a transformative PreK-early college system.



Magnet School Administration

The magnet schools at Goodwin University have a unique administrative structure. Unlike your local public school, Connecticut River Academy and Riverside Magnet School are operated through a collaborative partnership between Goodwin University and LEARN.


Established in 1967 by local districts, LEARN is one of the six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESC) in the state. The purpose of each RESC is to enhance the quality of education and provide solutions to identified needs through a wide range of programs and services.

LEARN currently serves numerous towns and communities in Connecticut with a student population of nearly 53,000. Through its leadership and resources and by working with schools, students, families, and other community agencies, LEARN promotes regional and statewide cooperation and provides a framework for districts to achieve their goals.

LEARN is a public, educational agency governed by a Board of Directors comprising one elected board of education member from each district. The source of funding is local districts, state contracts and grants, federal grants, and private foundations.

LEARN's primary activities include:

  • Providing leadership for teaching and learning
  • Providing high quality, innovative schools and programs
  • Identifying and delivering customized and cost-effective programs and services
  • Promoting collaborative partnerships and regional cooperation

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