About our Themes

Our Vision, Values and Beliefs

To graduate each of our scholars with the confidence and competence required to use their gifts to engage in a successful future.  

Respect – We believe in every scholar’s right to learn in a safe, open environment fostered by respectful interactions with each other and our surroundings.

Diversity – We believe in embracing differences to unify our community.

Empathy – We believe communicating understanding about the experiences of others promotes growth in ourselves and the community.

Cooperation - We believe in all community members working interdependently toward a common goal.

Relationships – We believe in developing the skills to create healthy and positive connections to our environment and within our community.

Sustainability - We believe in using Habits of Mind to make choices that positively impact our future.

Mastery - We believe that personal growth is achieved through self-awareness, confidence in one’s abilities, and openness to continuous learning.


Our Magnet Standards

Standard 1-

Standard 2-

Standard 3-